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GAS & WATER ~Providing the Indispensables Safely and Absolutely~

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Kenichi Tamai – President : Kagla Vaportech Corporation

Kagla Vaportech Corporation, an LPG vaporizer and related device manufacture for more than 60 years, possesses more than 60% of market share domestically and also acquires a high market share in China and South East Asia. Its quality and function have been highly evaluated as “Japan Premium” and sales channel is now expanding to Russia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

The technology acquired in LPG field is being deployed to general high pressure gas field also. Many customers have given us a high reputation for our Ammonia vaporizer, and numbers of sites have adopted our products in different application such as denitrification and heat treatment.

Recently, we are expanding our field in to“Drinking Water” as well.
Our “Japan Premium” quality “Hydrogen water server” is gradually gaining its reputation in China and South East Asia with the help of health conscious trend, like we achieved in Gas field.

~GAS & WATER ~ Indispensable factor for human life.

We have been working to fulfill the existing demands of the society with our technology and products.
We further try to provide clean energy “GAS” as a substitute of fire wood and coal that causes air pollution.
We will also provide clean, safe, high quality water to the people with serious demands, such as children in developing countries.
Kagla Vaportech Corporation will make an effort to respond to worldwide diverse demands in the field of “GAS & WATER”.

Kagla Vaportech Corporation

KAGLA VAPORTECH CORPORATION was established in 1958 as a small manufacturer of LPG manual pumps.
Today, we are the leading manufacturer of LPG / Ammonia vaporizers and other related LPG devices.
More than 60 years of history has made us to one of the most experienced LPG vaporizer manufacturer in the world.
Through continuous development and research, “KAGLA” brand has grown as a mark of durability, reliability and safety.

Environment issues have been a common notion globally. Rapid increase of energy among developing countries and sense of distrust to nuclear power plants have made the issues further complicated.
In this energy diversified era, we shall foresee the role of LPG and contribute to its further growth.

Not only do we supply LPG related devices but we also promote Water related products.
Today access to healthy drinking water is becoming a common sense to many countries worldwide.
Though it may be a small part in the market, we will contribute to betterment of human health and lives.



“Contributing to the Preservation of the Global Environment”
This is KAGLA’s corporate mission throughout all our business activities.
All our products are developed based on our Eco-Friendy attitude.



In a world that is changing every moment, no one can rest on
maintaining the present status.
Human needs changes and thus we also need to change.
KAGLA continues to consider what the world will need tomorrow.

History of KAGLA since 1958

  1. 1958 on February 18 – Founded as Okamoto “Zoki Mfg Co., Ltd.”
  2. 1958 Developed LPG filling hand pump.
  3. 1961 Changed the company name to “KAGURA Mfg Co., Ltd.”
  4. 1966 Developed LPG Vaporizer “Vapor Gold”model.
  5. 1973 Established “Kagla Engineering Co., Ltd” for technical inspection / maintenance / installation.
  6. 1976 Developed Liquid Auto Changer “Kirikae” model.
  7. 1988 Developed small LPG Vaporizer “EV-10” model for overseas market.
  8. 1990 Developed LPG Vaporizer “EX” model for overseas market.
  9. 1993 Developed LPG Vaporizer “SX” model for overseas market.
  10. 1995 Developed LPG Vaporizer “AX” model for overseas market.
  11. 1998 Developed Liquid Auto Changer “LR” model.
  12. 1998 Developed compact LPG Vaporizer “Minimum” model.
  13. 2000 Acquired ISO 9001 for Arima Factory
  14. 2003 Established off shore factory in Shanghai, China. (100% Subsidary)
  15. 2006 Developed LPG Vaporizer “REX” model for overseas market.
  16. 2008 Changed the company name to “KAGLA VAPORTECH CORPORATION”
  17. 2010 Developed LNG Vaporizer “Naturizer” model.
  18. 2012 Developed LPG Vaporizer “AX5” model for overseas market.
  19. 2015 Developed LPG Vaporizer “CX” model for overseas market.
  20. 2017 Entered into Drinking Water Market
  21. 2018 Developed LPG Vaporizer “DX” model for overseas market.
  • Japan factory
  • SHANGHAI factory


Kagla Vaportech Corporation

Kagla Sun Life Plaza 4th floor,
1-2-1 Tachibana-cho, Amagasaki city,
Hyogo, Japan, 661-0025
  • Tel: +81-6-6429-2696
  • Fax: +81-6-6422-0134