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 Company Introduction.

50 years History.
KAGLA has offered the vaporizer with related equipment consistently for 50 years since foundation. All the times have been worked with vaporizer from the development early stages in Japan to the present prosperity.

The adherence to creation.
KAGLA values creation.
We catch a client's needs quickly and have continued offering the new product which the other company does not have. That is warm reliance of a customer to a "KAGLA brand."

Top market share in Japan.
KAGLA has got the high market share which exceeds 50% in Japan.
This fact captured the high share in the Japan is a proof of KAGLA superiority.

High quality.
The product of KAGLA was disciplined by the severe market environment of the quality control of Japan, and has achieved quality of world's best standards. Also in China and Southeast Asia, the product of KAGLA serves as "a quality pronoun."

The rich achievement of an overseas.
KAGLA has exported the vaporizer and related equipment to the countries of ten or more nations of China and Southeast Asia for 20 years or more.

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 Our Mission.

Match to the various needs in the world.
KAGLA offers the best product in quality, efficiency, and cost performance as vaporizer's specialist in all the countries.

The services to environment.
It is believed that KAGLA can contribute to preservation of earth environment by the popularization of LP gas which is clean energy.

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