WATER products

Pioneer manufacturer of Hydrogen Water Industry in Japan.
All products fully utilizes internally developed patented technology .
Over 15 years of experince and research soley in Hydrogen field.

Hydrogen Water Vending Machine

H2 So Nano – Vending Machine

Commercial type Hydrogen water vending machine.

Numbers of fitness clubs, listed companies and clinics in Japan servers Hydrogen water with this machine.


Concentration: 2.4ppm (MAX 3.6ppm)

Equipped with IC reader. 3 buttons to discharge 500ml, 1000ml and manual . One and only flush bubbling method makes it possible to discharge highly concentrated Hydrogen water regardless of water temperature.

Hydrogen Filling Machine

DAYS – H2 Filling Machine (Hydrogen Gas Injector)

New concept!

Now you can fill in highly concentrated pure Hydrogen gas into

any bevarages such as orange juice, coffee, MILK, water etc.

By applying pressure when injecting Hydrogen, exremely high

conentration can be maintained inside the liquid.

ONE AND ONLY! Patented technology.


Concentration: 3.6ppm~16.2ppm

No installation  hassle.  Compact desgin and easy to use.

Hydrogen Water Generator


+h (Plus H) – Hydrogen Water Generator (H2 Water Dispenser)

Compact desgin and high quality domestic type Hydrogen water dispenser / Hydrogen Water Generator. Designed to cater households and small offices .

+h model hydrogen gas generating cell also utilizes our patented technology.


Concentration: 2.8ppm (Dissolved concentration 1.2ppm)

PEM water electrolysis

Auto cleaning function

Water tank: 4L

Portable Hydrogen Bottle

POCKET IQ7 – Portable H2 Bottle

Portable size Hydrogen water generator


Hydrogen Water Generator with AI (Artificial Inteligence)

AI controls and generates  stable density of hydrogen,

temperature and remaining battery power.

Generates Hydrogen from various drinks at 0 – 100deg. C.

High performance and long life of 4,000hours

Hydrogen Generator

MALLOON – H2 Generator

Small size Hydrogen generator  (For muti purpose)

Not only you can enjoy this unit inside the tub but you can wash

your face with Hydrogen water by putting inside a bowl with water.


Concentration: 1.4ppm

Water-proof, IPX8 certified.

Hydrogen Rich Bath: ready within 20min.

Anti-corrosive pure titanium substrates with strong platinum coating.

Zero ozone generated.

H2 SPAHARE – H2 Generator

Large size Hydrogen generator  (mainly for bathing purpose)

Press the operation button and simply put inside the tub.


Concentration: 1.6ppm

Water-proof, IPX8 certified,.

Hydrogen Rich Bath: ready within 20min.

Anti-corrosive pure titanium substrates with strong platinum coating.

Zero o-zone generated.

Hydrogen Water Bag

air tight bag for Hydrogen Water to keep hydrogen concentration

H2-BAG 500ml / 1000ml (Vacuum Storage Bag for H2 Water)

Portable Hydrogen water bag. Desgined to maintain Hydrogen concentration after discharged from a server.


Maintains 90-100% of Hydrogen concentration for 7 days.

2 sizes: 500ml and 1,000ml.

Reusable / Easy to clean.

Patented in Japan, China mainland, HongKong, Taiwan, Korea and USA.

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler

Hydrogen Gas Inhaler

The more effective method is to inhale hydrogen gas..

Doctors Man’s hydrogen gas inhaler is a revolutionary device that can safely and continuously generate high-concentration hydrogen.

Anyone can  easily inhale hydrogen gas with this.



99.999%(Five-Nines) Hydrogen Purity

100% Titanium Electrolysis Cell (PEM)

Flow Rate : 250ml/min – 700ml/min

24/7 (24hours x 365days) continuous usage

No idle time to inhale hydrogen

User friendly interface

Medical : Clinical study conducted by Keio University – Japan