WATER products

MALLOON – H2 Generator

Small size Hydrogen generator  (For muti purpose)

Not only you can enjoy this unit inside the tub but you can wash

your face with Hydrogen water by putting inside a bowl with water.


Concentration: 1.4ppm

Water-proof, IPX8 certified.

Hydrogen Rich Bath: ready within 20min.

Anti-corrosive pure titanium substrates with strong platinum coating.

Zero ozone generated.




Battery Unit Lithium Ion, 5 cells, 18.5VDC, 2,600mAh (48.1Wh)
Hydrogen Generation Electrolyzation method
Applicable Temperature of  Water  20 – 43deg. C
Ambient Temperature AC/DC Adapter: 5 – 35deg. C
Charging Time Approx. 4hours
Dimensions / Weight  Main Unit: Dia. 143mm x 760mm (H), Approx. 710g
Accessories included  1 x AC/DC Adaptor for Main Unit
Material Body: Polycarbonate, Bottom Cover for Body: Silicone
Electrode: Titanium, Platinum plating