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When there are two cylinder lines, smooth changeover from that being used to the spare is done as needed. By detecting the changeover pressure, the Liquid Auto Changer assures the highest possible level of safety when supplying LPG into vaporizers.

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Snap Reverse Structure
The LR employs "Snap Reverse Structure" that features dust-proof and rain-proof construction.
LR is the simplest and most reliable form of liquid automatic changer realizing highly accurate and instantaneous changeover operation.

Double Indication
Red arrow indicates which line being in use, and changeover activation status can be checked by color indicator.

Perfect Compatibility
The body becomes compact. It allows to replace the liquid automatic changer currently in use irrespective of the manufacturer and type.

Easy Local Maintenance
The use of a simple structure allows disassembly and assembly to be performed easily at the site.

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