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We are ready to ship the ambient type of
LPG vaporizer which basic specifications as
mentioned below. Please inquire details
through the following URL:

Catalogue Download(PDF)
Gas type   LPGButane 100% ~ Propane 100%
Capacity   150kg/h
Continuous Operation time   4 hours  
Heat Source   Air heat  
Ambient temperature condition   0℃~ 65℃  
Weight   Non operation: 450kg / Operation: 700kg
Design pressure   1.6 MPa  
Hydraulic test pressure   Above 2.66 Mpa  
Pneumatic test pressure   Above 1.58 MPa  
Safety valve design pressure   1.58 MPa  
Design temperature   -70℃~ 65℃  
Major materials   1) Heat Exchanger: Aluminum Alloys 6063
    2) Major valves: Stainless Steel 304
External Dimension   1) Width: 1950 mm
    2) Depth: 1800 mm
    3) Height: 2800 mm
Connection bore   1) Liquid inlet: PL25 (B)–1.6MPa HG/T20592-2009
    2) Gas outlet:PL25 (B) – 1.6MPa HG/T20592-2009
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